Meet Today’s Digital Avon Lady: Crushing It
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Can You Make Money Selling Avon in 2019?

Meet Emily Seagren, poster girl for the new Avon eRepresentative. How much money does she make? What digital tools is she using?

Today’s Avon ladies are armed with much more than ever before. They now have access to personal websites, video tutorials, and social media campaigns.

In 2012 Seagren made $9,400 in sales. And then in 2017, Seagren starting blogging regularly and promoting her online Avon store and had a breakthrough and made roughly $81,000 in sales. Today she’s been selling Avon for ten years, and is earning six figures or roughly $200,000 in sales.

Plus like all Avon employees she’s getting health, education, and retirement benefits. If you think that being part of today’s “gig” economy means forgoing health benefits, or professional development, think again.

With its emphasis on digital online stores and entrepreneur training, there’s never been a better time to consider Avon.

Seagren even talks about (in her training videos) how she and her husband are looking forward to having a residual income with Avon’s retirement plan.

Avon offers employees unique benefits like education assistance

Avon offers employees unique benefits like education assistance, health benefits and training on valuable social media marketing skills – making it different from the typical side hustle.

Today’s Avon eRepresentative gets micro-blogging to web analytics skills. Avon is going digital – and entering the “fast beauty” fray. Specifically, Avon’s focus is on creating an army of eRepresentatives armed with their own personalized Avon store web sites. Join Avon and you:

Learn Entrepreneur Skills - Avon’s Professional Development includes one-on-one mentoring, how to sell online, and offline.

Get Valuable Web Marketing Skills - Build a micro-influencers army and drive entire online beauty communities. Training via webinars, and mentoring.

Enjoy Health Benefits, Mentoring, Education Assistance - While you’re learning to glam it up like YouTube video star Michelle Pham, you can get health, dental, education, and retirement benefits too.

Avon beauty entrepreneurs get their own website where they can sell Avon direct using Facebook, Instagram, and blogging – and health, education, and retirement benefits.

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to personalize a website and or like to glam it up (and need health coverage), this might be the side-gig for you.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Avon

Founded in 1886, Avon is the fifth-largest beauty company in the world and the second largest direct selling enterprise in the planet.

Founded in 1886, Avon is the fifth-largest beauty company in the world and the second largest direct selling enterprise in the planet.

Avon provides Education Assistance - $8,000 Learner Success grants for full-time undergraduate degree programs and $4,000 Learner Success grants for part-time

Free training courses on AVON U, professional development webinars

Retirement Benefits - The Avon Independent Representative Retirement Program (AIRRP) offers Representatives a savings plan that let’s representatives choose how much they want to contribute to each campaign

Leadership – by training other entrepreneurs to join your sales team, Avon offers salary bonuses and perks

Seagren says success at becoming a six figure earner took a lot of hard work, and several years. What’s her best advice to those considering Avon?

Seagren recommends taking advantage of all three selling opportunities: sales, online marketing, and leadership (recruiting other people to join your sales team).

When she set up her website, started blogging regularly, and then training other eRepresentatives that’s when things took off. First, through blog posts, social media promotion, and email marketing she was able to triple sales.

And then when she started adding people to her own sales team (Avon provides Unit Leaders with a percentage of sales achieved by their team), that’s when things started really happening.

3 Ways You Earn Money Selling Avon:

Selling Avon Products face-to-face – and earning a 40% commission from your sale

Selling Avon Products face-to-face – and earning a 40% commission from your sale

Selling Avon Online – through your personal Avon website – earn a 20-50 commission

Leadership or Growing a Team – recruiting others to start an Avon business of their own.

Seagren is upfront about the fact that she’s not a millennial, and that’s not a requirement for success. And she likes to point out to newbies how being an Avon rep means you can also gain entrepreneur and in-demand web marketing skills, and or cultivate your leadership potential.

Avon: What’s Next

But digital tools for eRepresentatives plus health, education, and retirement benefits are just part of the story. Avon is revamping its image, and heading in a new direction.

Lately, Avon’s modern glycolic peels, shiny hip lip gloss, along with the rest of its line of trendy glam products have been featured in Glamour magazine.

Also, Avon has started taking on competitors like Mac beauty head-on with it’s new advertising. Showing how Avon products are just as on-trend but comparably cheaper, for: “today’s smart career woman who wants beauty without breaking the bank”.

New Avon advertising even shows a side-by-side and pricepoint comparison, and how women can save money by forgoing spendy Mac products and trying Avon equivalents.

Avon CEO Jan Zijderveld, who spent 30 years at Unilever, says he is committed to digitizing the business. He wants eRepresenatives armed with new tools for today’s Instagram and mobile apps.

Avon eRepresentatives can access new e-commerce, digital tools

In Feb, 2019, the company launched its new Content Studioto support digital growth. Avon eRepresentatives can access new e-commerce, digital tools, and integrate web site data and analytics to track relevant sharable content. A new beauty app using mobile phone cameras, even lets digital Avon representatives figure out the right shade of a product to recommend to their client.

Avon will always be about a mix of peer-to-peer and using digital personalization tools, but it is hoping with a new global training platform eRepresentatives can get empowered with professional development 24/7.

The company’s been around for over 130 years. But new CEO Zijderveld sees starting a new digital chapter, as where the future growth lies ahead.