4 Simple Tricks To Boost Your FICO® Score This Summer
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“It is what it is”. That’s what my father always said. And unfortunately, when it comes to buying a car, owning a home or, really, making any big purchase your FICO® score “is what it is”.

You can’t do anything these days without handing over your social security number in order for someone to review your FICO® score.

If your credit score is lower than you need it to be … Don’t sweat it. There are some very easy steps you can take to boost your score before the end of summer.

I collected some simple tricks on how to add some much-needed points to that dreaded three-digit number aka your FICO® score.

Remember, these tricks were picked to boost your score as quickly as possible.

1. Cut Off A Useless Utility To Pay Down Some Debt

Cutting $85, $100, $200 or more from your monthly budget adds up quickly. The simple act of cord cutting could save you $600 this summer alone. That money could be better put to work towards paying off an outstanding debt. There are other choices out there other than cable companies.

FuboTV is the most cost-effective solution to quitting cable TV. The basic set of 90 channels on FuboTV is a fraction of the cost of cable with no long-term contract. Viewers can choose the premium package of over channels also. There’s a free seven-day trial, after which you can cancel or restart your subscription anytime, as many times as you wish. Subscriptions are month to month. You can also keep ALL your local channels.

2. Clean Out The Errors In Your Credit Report

Credit Sesame is a free service that allows you to obtain your FICO score along with your full credit report. When you sign up with Credit Sesame you get a detailed credit report card - that provides a snapshot of your payment history, credit usage, credit age, account mix, and credit inquiries.

Unlike checking your FICO score once a year, Credit Sesame delivers a more complete credit profile. 60% of all Credit Sesame customers have inaccurate information on their credit report. If you can fix any errors, your score could jump quickly.

3. Tackle Your Credit Card Debt

It's tough to increase your FICO score without effectively managing your debt.

It’s tough to increase your FICO score without effectively managing your debt. Tally is a free app that sets you on the road to paying down your credit card easily. After downloading the free app, you just have to follow Tally’s instructions. Once you have created your Tally account, it will start to monitor your credit card balances for each of your cards.

Tally will help you pay down the credit card debt with the highest APR. Tally will also help you select the best payment amounts you should send to your various credit card accounts. Tally will make suggestions that are in your budget.

Tally may offer you a line of creditto begin sending payments to your card with the highest APR rate. Yes, Tally may offer you a consolidation loan. You will then start paying back the Tally line of credit at a lower interest rate.

4. Make A Monthly Budget & Send An Extra Payments To Your Credit Card Company

In order to manage your money effectively, you need to know where you are spending it. Cleo is the most effective app that helps you manage your money. The free app is available for IOS and Android and gives you a clear breakdown of how you spend your money each and every day.

You can ask Cleo questions like:

“What’s my balance?” “How’s my budget looking?” “What bills do I have left to pay this month?”

Cleo will respond with detailed answers. It already understands over 10,000 questions. It’s extremely safe and secure and works with most US banks. Simply download the app and follow the instructions.

If you can send just 1 extra payment to your credit card company, your percentage of credit utilization should go down. This decrease should increase your FICO score.

Doing any of these 4 things could increase your FICO score before the leaves change colors this fall. Theres no better time than now to start fixing your financial future.