Why Seniors Should Quit Cable ASAP

Christina Rodgers
Why Seniors Should Quit Cable ASAP
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Seniors rely on their televisions! That’s why for many, the sting of paying $123.00 a month (average cost of cable television for seniors) on cable television is ridiculous. For most seniors, they rely on local television channels for news, weather, and emergency alerts. Seniors also flock to cable news services like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

Seniors Need To Cut The Cord

Millennials have fully embraced the cord-cutting revolution. Their numbers are staggering. In a recent survey, 53% of Millennials are considering cutting the cord. Almost 25% of them have already done so. The main reason, ease of service and COST!

As millennials deal with student loan debt and the thought of starting a family, wasting $1,500 a year for paid television is a frivolous expense. So why are 88% of seniors still throwing away their money?

Local Programming and News

It’s not surprising that one of the first expenses many seniors consider cutting is their cable bill, because cable television is luxury at an average cost of $123/month. Giving up television can make people feel isolated. Seniors may be in danger if they can’t receive critical news or evacuation alerts because cable TV got too expensive. Many streaming services offer local channels, so it pays to explore your options.

Over a 5 year period, the average senior could save $7,500 by simply cutting the cord

It Pays To Be Patient

Seniors who have been patient, have experienced a massive benefit in savings and more viewing options. Over a 5 year period, the average senior could save $7,500 by simply cutting the cord. These are vital savings for those on fixed budgets and experiencing the pinch due to out of pocket medical expenses not covered by Medicare.

How Do You Switch

The main issue with cable is that you’re paying over $1,000 a year and renting outdated equipment you don’t need. When you research the various streaming service providers one stands out as the clear choice. FuboTV offers the most channels for every household budget. FuboTV offers all your local channels, your favorite cable news choices like Fox News, CNN & MSNBC, plus it has the largest sports channels package available in the US.

FuboTV has quickly become the leading choice for seniors looking to lower their cable cost, avoid long term contracts, keep their local channels and enjoy all the cable news shows that they have grown to love.

For a limited time, FuboTV is offering a free 7 days no risk trial. If you’re still on the fence about cutting the cord, you shouldn’t wait any longer. FuboTv’s no risk free trial will give you all the answers you have been waiting for and may not last for long.