The Best Bad Credit Auto Loans - 2022 Edition
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If you have a less than perfect credit, chances are, you might be worried about finding a car loan with a reasonable APR. We all rely on our cars in different ways. Most of us rely on our cars for our income, whether to get to work or use it for work.

The car, truck or SUV you drive is a vital part of your life. We searched all over to find the 5 best auto loan services for people with bad credit and here they are:

1. This Credit Union Has The Best Rates We Could Find

Credit unions were founded on the philosophy of people helping people. Consumers Credit Union (CCU) has been serving customers for nearly 100 years. Unlike other credit unions, it’s unique that anyone can join, regardless of where you live or work. CCU has over 1,800 Service Center branches nationwide.

CCU offers some of the most competitive auto loan rates in the nation even for people with bad credit. Credit unions, like CCU, are more forgiving with their lending requirements than banks and other lenders. CCU even allows some borrowers to finance the full purchase amount, with no downpayment. Plus, you will get 24hr mechanical/emergency repair coverage.

Expert Tip: If you open a “Membership Share/Savings Account” with just a $5.00 deposit, CCU may provide you with up to 0.5% rate reduction on your auto loan.

Being a member starts your relationship and can provide you access to mortgages, credit cards, or student loans at lower APRs. Checking your rate now will NOT affect your credit score! Rates start as low as 2.6% APR.

2. The Trusted Leader In Bad Credit Auto Loans

Upstart personal loans are available in amounts between $1,000 and $50,000

When Rich LaLonde started Auto Credit Express (aka A.C.E.) nearly 20 years ago. His goal was to provide fair auto shopping for people with bad credit. Over time, he built a vast network of dealership and lending partners willing to provide consumers a second chance at finding (and financing) a reliable car, truck, or suv. Today,Auto Credit Express, has over 1200 dealers and lending partners in all 50 states.

Their process is simple. You complete a 300second application and your’re on your way. Lenders and/or dealers will contact you based on your location and application. If you earn at least $1,500 a month you should qualify.

Loan amounts can vary based on your credit hisory and income. APR rates will range between 3.99 to 29.99%.

3. Get More Than An Auto Loan

Credible is a one-stop shop for many auto loan borrowers.

Founded in 1999, AmOne is another online loan matching platform, that offers a personal experience. AmOne specialists will assist you by understanding your current financial situation and ensure you are connected to the best option. With their large lending and financial network exceeding 100 providers, you can be certain there is no place better to go to ensure you get connected with the best option and receive a top-rated customer experience.

You can apply to borrow up to $50,000, and APR rates will vary based on your creditworthiness.

Fill out a short form on their website and you will receive an instant response. If you have been turned down before, AmOne is ready to help you.

4. If You Need Options Try Monevo

Monevo Is a great auto loan source if you have bad credit.

Founded in 2009, Monevo has grown to become the nation’s largest loan and financial matching company in the US. Although they help people in all types of situations, if you are a person with poor to fair credit, you will benefit the most by working with them.

Monevo specializes in assisting people to find the right financial solution based on their individual needs. With their large lending and financial network exceeding 30 providers, you can be certain there is no place better to go to ensure you get connected with the best option and receive a top-rated customer experience.

Their process is very simple. Fill out a short form on their website and you will receive an instant response. If you have been turned down before, Monevo is ready to help you.

5. Keep Cool and Let Fiona Do All The Work

Get A Loan Regardless of your past credit history

Finding the right personal loan and getting approved can take months. Who has months to wait for a loan? That’s why Even, the leading search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial services created “Fiona”.

Fiona is the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to search loans and savings accounts from the top providers. By filling out a simple form, Fiona checks if you are pre-approved and gets the best offers from the top providers for you in seconds, so you can get instantly matched with the right personalized offer all in one place. You can borrow as much as $100,000, with loan terms up to 7 years. The interest rate you’ll pay will depend on your creditworthiness. It will take you less than 60 seconds to apply. Not even Santa works that fast. Credit card debt can get out of hand fast, but you don’t have to continue paying those outrageous interest rates.

Quick Re-Cap

If you are looking for a car loan and do not know your credit score, you should check out Experian Boost™. You can get your free score in 15 minutes, and you could increase your credit score in as little as 15 minutes.

Monevo, Auto Credit Express, Fiona and AmOne are all great choices to shop for a low interest rate for a new car, truck or suv regardless of your past credit history.

If you want lenders to compete for your business, check out Lending Tree. You can get your cash in as little 1 business day.