4 Quick Tricks To Boost Your FICO® Score

Christina Rodgers
4 Quick Tricks To Boost Your FICO® Score
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Your FICO® Score is the key to so much of your financial life.

This three-digit number measures if you manage debt responsibly and is the main factor that determines whether you qualify for a loan and what interest rate you will pay.

If you’re in the middle or lower end of the FICO® scale, you should definitely look to boost your FICO® Score. If you’re looking to boost it quickly try one of these programs:

1. Get A Debt Consolidation Loan From A Company That Isn’t Worried About Your FICO®Score

Founded in 1999, AmOne has grown to become one of the nation’s fastest growing financial assistance companies for people with fair to bad credit. AmOne advisors will assist you by helping understand your current financial situation and tailor a solution that best fits you. AmOne advisors can also assist you in applying for a loan, up to $50,000, to get you back on track.

If you have been turned down for loans before don’t worry. AmOne advisors have seen it all. They can assist you in getting the right solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

Get AmOne

2. Follow Her Lead & Boost Your FICO® Score Instantly

Hitch your credit score to this rocket and watch it take off with Experian Boost™. If your credit is on the cutoff of “Bad” to “Fair” or “Fair” to “Good,” this FREE tool could brighten your day in a few seconds.

All you have to do is sign up and verify that you have been paying your bills on time (cell phone bill, cable bill, other utilities.), and you could get an INSTANT credit score boost. Plus, it’s FREE! Nora V. got an increase of 47 points instantly! There’s no easier way to improve your credit. Results will vary, see Experian’s™ website for full details.

Get Experian Boost™

3. Open This Savings Account To Boost Your FICO®

For the first time, having a consistent amount in your checking and savings accounts can help you get a better credit score. Having at least $400 in savings and no negative balances for three months will now improve your score.

Aspiration is an online-only bank offering most of the services your big bank does, without any of the fees.

What Aspiration Offers?

What doesn’t it offer? First off, the Aspiration Summit Checking Account has NO monthly fees. There are zero minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fees when you use your Aspiration Bank Debit MasterCard. Your debit card also gets you 0.5% cashback on all purchases - making it a cash-back-card!

The Aspiration Bank Summit Account is an interest-bearing checking account that you can open with as little as $10. According to the bank’s website, the account earns an APY of 1%, which is up to 100 times better than the interest rate offered at big banks. Open your account to boost your score and save on fees!

Open An Account

4. Get This Guaranteed Credit Card To Boost Your Score

Secured credit cards are a great tool to help you begin building a strong credit history.

The OpenSky® Secured Visa Credit Card, is a perfect way to boost your FICO score. OpenSky® will not review your credit history when you apply for your card. Instead, OpenSky will merely verify your identity using your name, address and Social Security number.

The Secured credit cards are the best credit-(re)building tools available. OpenSky® reports account information to the major credit bureaus each month, which helps wipe out previous mistakes. Simply make a minimum deposit of $200.00 and you’re on your way to boosting your FICO®.

Get Your Card

Last Thing

If you’re struggling with a low FICO® Score, there is a silver lining. People with a low FICO® Score are better positioned to make larger gains than someone with a stronger FICO® Score.

Rod Griffin, director of public education for Experian™, says “The lower a person’s score, the more likely they are to achieve a 100-point increase,” he says. “That’s simply because there is much more upside, and small changes can result in greater score increases.”

So keep your chin up, better days are on the horizon.

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