7 Clever Ways To Thrive In Any Economy

Christina Rodgers
7 Clever Ways To Thrive In Any Economy
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Not to long ago many of us were focusing on booking a summer vacation. Financial decisions like that seem very distant, as we adjust to life at home in an effort to stay healthy and “flatten the curve”. It’s strange to see empty shopping center parking lots, and even stranger to think you haven’t put gas in your car for 10 days or more.

While we face a large bit of uncertainty over the next few months, one thing is clear: we need to spend our money wisely! We may soon be forced to live through our country’s worst-ever financial market. Those kinds of extremes naturally influence how we handle our money.

Here are 7 things you can do today to thrive in any economy:

1. Earn Cash Rewards For Watching Videos

You may not feel very useful as you scroll your way into the depths of the internet, but your data is actually worth A TON of money to corporate goons.

So, why not take a piece back? With Swagbucks, you can. They give out over 7,000 gift cards a day to customers for Amazon, Walmart, Target and more just for surfing the web and watching videos. Or, you can have cash sent straight to your PayPal account.

It’s easy to make an extra $5 in a one day, by watching a few videos. That translates to some serious extra cash in your pocket each month.

2. Build A Stock Empire Just $1

Stash is an app, that allows you to start investing with just $1. By purchasing fractional shares in companies like Tesla, Ford, Apple or Google, middle class families can afford to build real wealth, at a price they can afford.

You can build a diversified portfolio with very little money. The service has a $0 account minimum, so there is no reason not to join!

For a limited time Stash will give you $5 to invest when you make your first investment.

3. Do What She Did & Boost Your FICO® Score Instantly

Hitch your credit score to this rocket and watch it take off with Experian Boost™.

All you have to do is sign up and verify that you have been paying your bills on time (cell phone bill, cable bill, other utilities.) and you could get an INSTANT boost to your credit score. Plus, it’s FREE! There’s no easier way to improve your credit scores. Results may vary, see Experian™,’s website for full details.

4. Apply For $50,000 In Life Insurance For Just $3/Month

Bestow sells instant term life insurance policies online, so there are no appointments or delays (even from a cell phone). You can get same-day/immediate coverage if you qualify. Yes, you could have full coverage in 15 minutes. Plus, you don’t have to take a medical exam.

Answer a few questions on Bestow’s mobile-enabled website, and the company uses data and algorithms to make decisions and set prices.

Bestow offers term life insurance with terms of 2, 10, and 20 years. Policies sold by Bestow, are meant to be affordable and start at only $3/month. You can get coverage starting at $50,000 and going all the way up to $1,000,000.

5. Get Cash Back Every-time You Go To The Grocery Store

Fetch Rewards definitely makes shopping more rewarding and easier. Life is complicated enough, so you should let Fetch Rewards bring the savings directly to you. By downloading their app to your mobile phone, Fetch Back allows you to earn cash rewards by scanning your receipts.

You’ll earn money back on your grocery shopping every time you purchase one of the thousands of participating products. You can submit grocery receipts from ANY store where you buy grocery and household items to earn rewards.

Upload receipts from, local grocery stores, chain grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, drugstores and even pet stores!

Trade points for a free cup of coffee, a night out, or a gift for someone. It’s up to you! Within seconds of scanning your receipts, you’ll have points in your account to swap for gift cards in your wallet. Redeem rewards for hundreds of gift cards to popular stores, including; Target, Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, Chipotle, Home Depot and hundreds more.

6. Use This Simple Trick To Manage All Your Debt

If you own your home, chances are you have a mortgage. You may also have credit card debt. What would happen if you or your spouse died? Who would pay all the bills? A trick many people do is get an inexpensive life insurance policy to cover the mortgage and credit card debt in case they die.

A term life policy from Ladder Life Insurance is easy and affordable. If your relatively healthy and between the ages of 21-60 you can qualify. There are usually NO medical exams.

Unless you plan on hitting the lottery, you should think about getting an affordable life insurance policy. Don’t leave your family with a pile of bills that don’t have Ben Franklin’s picture on it.

7. Shop For The Best Auto Insurance Now

Some of us are still paying way too much for auto insurance.

Because of the way the economy is moving, it makes sense to get the best deal whenever you can. If you’re a home owner, you should be bundling your home owners and auto insurance. Doing this could save you hundreds of dollars a month.

If you are bundling GREAT. If your not bundling with Allstate, you should definitely get a quote today. Allstate offers so many benefits, we don’t have the space to list all of them. AllState is the gold standard when it comes to auto and home insurance.

Remember their slogan, “You’re in good hands…..”

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