You Need This App - If You Make Less Than $65,000 A Year

Tom Twardzik
You Need This App - If You Make Less Than $65,000 A Year
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It happens too often: you’re still a week away from your next paycheck when a pipe bursts in your home. Now, you’ll need to find money to cover the repair. You try searching for personal loans but it’s a slow process and your FICO Score is too low to find good offers.

Earnin is the solution to your bad credit loan problems because it’s not a loan! Instead, it’s a simple, transparent way to access the money you’ve earned whenever you need it, regardless of your FICO score.

Here are 3 important reasons to try Earnin in 2020:

1. Get Cash with No Credit Checks

Earnin is a service that’ll give you up to $500 per pay period to use for whatever you need. It’s perfect for surprise expenses and comes with no hidden fees or requirements.

Earnin lets you avoid loans and lenders altogether. Since it’s not a loan, there’s no credit check and no hard inquiry. Earnin is the ideal solution for people with any FICO score because it’s not a typical loan. Earnin simply deducts what you’ve cashed out from your bank account when your paycheck comes in so you don’t need to have a credit history or pay interest.

Whatever your FICO score, Earnin can give you the money you’ve worked for when you need it most.

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2. Perfect For Emergency Expenses

Emergencies put stress on our emotions and your bank accounts. You might have considered taking out a personal loan to cover your costs but searching for loans is complicated and time-consuming.

Whether your car’s broken down or you’ve made an unexpected visit to the doctor, Earnin will let you access some of your pay early. You might be a week away from your direct deposit and stuck in a situation that seems impossible, but Earnin is your solution.

All you need to do to get started is to answer their short questionnaire, provide a pay stub and enter your bank information. There’s no credit check and no FICO Score required! Once you’re set up and you’ve downloaded their mobile app, you can withdraw up to $500 per pay period. That money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Earnin’s app uses your bank information to automatically recognize your pay schedule. You can also add earnings to the app manually by submitting your timesheets. Once you’ve deposited your paycheck, Earnin simply deducts the amount you’ve cashed out over the previous period and resets your limit.

All users start with a $100-per-pay-period limit. That can increase to $500 as you use the app and maintain consistent payments. Earnin makes it unbelievably simple to cash out and pay it back at the end of the pay period.

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3. Pay Only the Fee You Think is Fair

There’s another significant difference between Earnin and other financial companies that might offer to “help” you: Earnin cares about its users. The company values the support of its community and it demonstrates this with one of its best features: you choose the fee you pay. That’s right: you get to decide how much you think is fair, even if that’s $0. There are no hidden costs, outrageous APR’s or surprise catches.

It’s hard to believe but it’s true! If you want, you can use Earnin to cash out your hard-earned money without paying any fees. It’s a refreshing experience in an age of crazy fees and manipulative fine print. 2020 is here and it’s time to move beyond your FICO score. Skip the complicated, high-interest personal loans. Earnin can change the way you access your pay and free you from the stress of waiting for payday, regardless of your credit.

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