12 New Years Financial Resolutions To Jump Start Your 2020

Tom Twardzik
12 New Years Financial Resolutions To Jump Start Your 2020
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If you’re like many people, each New Year’s Eve brings thoughts about your accomplishments from the past year and the areas in which you’d like to improve. Are you resolving to be better with your money in the coming year? Whether it’s saving more, spending smarter or building credit, these companies and services can help you start the new year stronger than ever.

1.Get a Personal Loan Even With Less Than Perfect Credit

Do your New Year’s resolutions include getting a handle on your debt or starting a new project? A personal loan can help you better manage debt and give you the cash you need to kickstart your next endeavor. Fiona, from Even Financial, is a simple and comprehensive search tool that matches you with the right loan from a top provider. You can filter by credit rating, loan purpose and loan amount to find offers that match your requirements.

Fiona shows you loans that you’re already pre-approved for, so you can choose with a higher level of confidence. Try it today to find the high-quality loan you need for the new year! Rates begin at 3.84% APR, but will vary based on your unique credit history.

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2.Secure Your Family with a Smart Debt Management Strategy

A quality life insurance plan is an important part of your family’s financial wellbeing. But it used to be aggravating to search through dozens of offerings and schedule doctor appointments just to apply for a plan!

Today, you can apply for a term life insurance plan in only a few minutes. Bestow lets you fill out a convenient application that involves only a few questions and no medical exam. This saves you time and money while finding coverage from an A+ provider. To make things even simpler, Bestow has licensed customer care advisors available to answer questions and offer help.

With Bestow, life insurance is simple: a few minutes is all it takes to secure yourself and your family for the new year and beyond.

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3.Find a Loan with Live Online Support

Are you looking to consolidate your debt under a new personal loan? You might have a few questions about how it works and what loan is best for you.

You’re not on your own. Today, you can use the free loan matching service from AmOne to see a list of options from highly-rated lenders. With AmOne, you can also talk to a Loan Matching Specialist to get live help and answers to all of your questions. They’ll walk you through the options available and help you submit your application. They’re the perfect partners to help you achieve your resolutions!

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4.Start or Restart Your Credit Journey with Gold

Neither building your credit history nor improving your FICO score is easy when you can’t get approved for a credit card. Worse, so many cards designed for poor credit have high APRs and limited perks.

The Milestone Gold Mastercard is different. It features a fixed 24.9% APR and perks like fraud protection. It only takes a second to find out if you pre-qualify without any impact to your FICO score.

The journey to better credit is easier with a quality card. Start that journey today and watch your score rise in the new year.

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5.Get a Fair Car Loan, Even with Bad Credit

Bad credit makes car shopping scary. If you’re having nightmares about how high your APR might be on a new loan, try something different. Auto Credit Express (A.C.E.) specializes in offering auto loans to car shoppers with bad credit. Their online request form makes it easy to match customers with offers from local dealers. They do the hard work of searching through the guidelines of hundreds of local dealers to find the loans that are best for you.

In just a few minutes, you can request a car loan matched to you and add a new resolution to your year-end list: buy a new car!

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6. Get Personalized Loan Offers from 30 Top Lenders

Personal loans come in all shapes and sizes. Finding one that best matches your details is important but time-consuming. Monevo is a smart service that searches and sorts loans based on the criteria you set. With just a few questions about your personal and financial information, Monevo can pair you with personalized loan offers from over thirty partner banks and lenders.

From home improvement to car repairs and small business expenses, a personal loan can help you cover important costs. Find the best loan options with Monevo’s free search tool.

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7.Don’t Spend Another Year Stressing Between Paychecks

It happens too often: you worked all week and you need to make a purchase but you won’t receive your pay until the following Friday. If your New Year resolves to be more in control of your money, you can start with your paychecks.

Earnin lets you cash out your earnings as soon as you’ve worked. It’s a service that’s available anytime and lets you choose the fees you pay (as little as $0). Earnin is community-driven and cares about helping hard-working people access the money they need as soon as they’ve earned it. This year, break out of the pay cycle and take home your earnings as soon as you work.

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8.Double Your Credit Limit and Improve Your Fico Score

Frequently using all or most of your credit limit can hurt your score. However, it’s difficult to keep a low balance if your credit line is small because your score needs work.

This year, you can double your credit line and help your score rise quickly. The Double Your Line Platinum Visa Credit Card from Merrick Bank is designed for people who are building or repairing their credit. Find out if you pre-apply instantly, without affecting your FICO score, and start with a credit line between $550 and $1250.

By making minimum payments every month for the first seven months, you’ll automatically double your credit line! Within a year, you’ll be on better financial footing.

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9.Start the New Year with a Boost

Building your credit can seem complicated but a strong FICO score means freedom from high-interest rates. Wouldn’t you love a credit boost to start the new year?

Experian Boost can instantly boost your FICO score for free! By giving you credit for the utility bills you already pay, Experian can improve your score in seconds and push you toward better financial standing. You simply connect the bank accounts that are linked to those bills and, seconds later, watch your score rise.

Whether it’s five or fifteen points, future you will be thankful for the boost you can give yourself today.

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10.Make the Move You’ve Been Dreaming of This Year

It’s maybe the biggest purchase you’ll make–buying a new home. One of the most important steps in making your dream move is choosing the right home loan program.

Get the help of a mortgage expert from Loan Depot. They’ll work with you to determine your goals and choose the best home loan for your circumstances. Loan Depot offers fixed-rate mortgages, ARM programs for lower monthly payments, FHA loans with low down payment requirements and more. They also have VA-guaranteed loans if you’re active military or a veteran.

Loan Depot’s team is trained and committed to matching you to the right loan based on your needs and not on any commissions or incentives. Don’t handle mortgage shopping on your own when you can trust the help of Loan Depot’s experts. Note: Most FHA Mortgage Lenders require a FICO score of 620 and above.

Live Your Dream

11.Shop a Huge Online Store with Affordable Monthly Payments

Last-minute holiday purchases can make a big dent in your bank balance, all at once. Accomplish your New Year’s resolution to spend smarter by trying a different kind of online store.

Shop at Fingerhut for everything from clothing to appliances and pay off your purchases monthly. At Fingerhut, you use your store line of credit shop with monthly payments as low as $7.99 with APR’s of 29.99% . Fingerhut is a refreshing take on store credit with no annual fees and helpful 24/7 support.

When you apply, you’ll know if you’re approved in seconds and can start shopping right away. Their selection of products is huge and includes designer brands, so you can find the things your family already loves.

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12.Build Credit and Save More at the Same Time

Increasing your credit score can seem difficult and complicated. But one of the major factors that affect your credit score is payment history. Making payments on time, every time is a simple way to drive your score up.

Try Self, a unique way to build your credit history by lending money to yourself and, eventually, cashing out your savings. With a Self Credit Builder Account, you can make monthly payments of an amount you choose. But these payments go into your own Self savings account! Once you’ve paid off your account over a specified term, you gain full access to the money you’ve saved. It’s a win-win and a way to tackle two New Year’s resolutions at the same time: building credit and saving more!

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Bonus Tip for 2020:

If You’re Justing Starting Your Credit Journey, Try This

If you’re just starting your credit-building journey, you’re probably facing a mountain of options. Who can you trust? How can you avoid fees? Can you even qualify for a credit card that offers the features you want? The answer to the last question is yes! Deserve offers the perfect cards for beginners.

You can prequalify in seconds with no impact on your credit score. Their Classic card has no annual fees, while the “EDU” card includes 1% cashback on all purchases and a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime Student! Take advantage of Deserve’s perks and start building your credit with confidence.

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With help from a few or all of the above services, you can boost your financial strength across the board. Try them today to get a head start on your resolutions and prepare for a great year ahead.