3 Reasons Why You Need Instant-Term Insurance (Even If You've Never Heard Of It)

Christina Rodgers
3 Reasons Why You Need Instant-Term Insurance (Even If You've Never Heard Of It)
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You may feel like you have never been busier in your life. As our lives continue to get more hectic, it’s easy to wonder - “Do I really need life insurance?”

The answer is, absolutely, yes! More than 40% of all Americans do not have any form of life insurance!

We’re going to introduce you to Bestow, a fast-growing, company that offers instant term life insurance at amazingly affordable rates, with no medical exams.

Here are three reasons why you should apply for Instant Term Life Insurance from Bestow today:

1. You Can Apply For Up To $1,000,000 In Coverage

Bestow sells instant term life insurance policies online, up to $1,000,000 so there are no appointments or delays (even from a cell phone). You can get same-day/immediate coverage if you qualify. Yes, you could have full coverage in 15 minutes. Plus, you don’t have to take a medical exam.

Answer a few questions on Bestow’s mobile-enabled website, and the company uses data and algorithms to make decisions and set prices. The Dallas-based company launched in 2017 and began selling policies in 2018.

Bestow offers term life insurance with terms of 2, 10, and 20 years. The two-year policy caters to people with a short-term need for coverage or those who want to get coverage in place while they evaluate their needs. That gives policy holders flexibility.

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2. Your Policy Is Backed By An Industry Giant

North American Company for Life and Health Insurance® issues the policies sold by Bestow. For over 130 years, North American has been a provider of life insurance in the United States.

They carry an A+ rating from A.M. Best. A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. A rating of A+ by A.M. Best means North American Company for Life and Health Insurance® has a superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.

So basically it means, your loved ones will get paid if anything were to happen to you.

3. It’s Extremely Affordable

Policies sold by Bestow, are meant to be affordable and straightforward. 2-year term policies start at only $3/month. That’s less than a Cafe Americano from Starbucks. You can get coverage starting at $50,000 and going all the way up to $1,000,000.

10/20 year term policies start at only $8/month. You can get coverage anywhere from $50,000 up to $1 million. All policies and rates will vary based on your situation/age/health/lifestyle.

If these crazy times have taught us anything, it is that being prepared and cherishing; our loved ones are the most important things we can do. Bestow allows us to do both at an affordable rate.

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