Here Are 3 Ways To Save On Insurance
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COVID-19 has changed everything. The way we live, shop, and socialize has been turned upsidedown.

But there is some good news for the average family. In this article, we’re going to share 3 ways you can lower your auto insurance get cheap lif insurance & create your own paycheck protection program.

1. Downloading This App Could Put $825 Back In Your Wallet

If someone offered you $825 would you take? We sure would! Gabi is an online tool that helps you compare insurance rates of all the major auto insurance companies.

But it’s not just a blind search. Gabi bases its search on your current coverage and finds insurers offering the same policy for less money.

All you have to do is submit the details of your current policy, and Gabi will match it with a bunch of identical policies that cost less.

That’s right. You get the exact same coverage for less money.

And, Gabi is free.

Here are some of the things we love about Gabi for auto insurance:

So Easy: You don’t have to know any details about your auto insurance policy, your car, or your history. You don’t even have to fill out any complex forms. Just submit your policy as is, and Gabi will do the rest.

It’s Fast: Gabi delivers you quotes in minutes, and you can change your policy through Gabi’s site. They’ll even cancel your old policy for you.

It saves a ton of cash: The average user saves $825 per year. That’s about $70 more in your pocket every month.

It’s Safe: Gabi works with major insurance providers like Progressive, Nationwide, Travelers, and more. You get trusted and reliable coverage. The only difference is the price.

Gabi is free and easy to use. Visit now and see what kind of rates you could be paying?

2. This Life Insurance Costs Less Than Dinner At Chick-Fil-A

It’s more important than ever to have life insurance.

And if you don’t have life insurance yet, now is the best time to buy.

Protecting your family with a great life insurance policy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Thanks to Bestow, you can get a $1 million policy for as little as $8 a month.

Bestow has revolutionized the life insurance industry by matching people with quotes and getting them approved in seconds. It’s 100% online, and there’s no paperwork or interviews to wade through.

Just sign up, click a few boxes, and choose your policy. You can protect your family in 5 minutes for the cost of a Chick-Fil-A family meal.

Bestow works only with A+ rated insurers, so you know your policy will pay out in your family’s time of need. Sign up today, because, in 2020, there’s no telling what will happen tomorrow.

3. This Company Allows You To Create Your Own Paycheck Protection Program

If you don’t work in a factory or on a construction site, you’ve probably never thought about getting disability insurance.

But COVID-19 has changed everything.

As many as 31% of recovered COVID-19 patients experience lasting and disabling issues.

It’s not worth risking your income, home, and family’s well-being by opting out of disability insurance.

And now, you don’t have to.

Breeze Insurance provides affordable and instant coverage for as little as $9 a month. And, you can sign up in minutes on your phone. Just answer a few questions and click the Apply button. You’ll get a quote in a few minutes, and you can start your coverage on the spot.

Here are a few reasons Breeze made this list:

No commissions: Breeze salespeople don’t take commissions, so you know you can trust them to get you the best possible rate.

Flexible policies: Breeze can make policy just for you, no matter your circumstances.

No meetings or medical exams: Apply and get approved on your smartphone during your coffee break.

Nobody can see the future. But you can prepare for whatever it has in store by securing your income with Breeze disability insurance.

Lower Your Insurance Rates Now

Changing your insurance policies is anything but fun. But it is essential, and now it’s easier than ever. In 15 minutes, you can:

Upgrade your coverage, lower your rates, and put $100’s MORE in your pocket every month.

These programs have been set up for your benefit, and they’re waiting for applicants.