Download These Apps Today & Start Putting Cash Back Into Your Wallet

Christina Rodgers
Download These Apps Today & Start Putting Cash Back Into Your Wallet
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Nowadays, they make mobile apps for just about everything. In a world of a billion apps, how do you pick the best apps that will make a difference in your life?

We put together this list of the very best money saving apps available for any mobile phone. They’re all FREE to download, so there’s no excuse for not trying a few of them out:

1. Download This App & Cancel Your Car Insurance

What if someone offered you $825.00? Would you take it? We would! Gabi, an insurance shopping comparison engine, is an essential app that allows average users to save $820.00 a year.

Gabi can help you find and switch to a cheaper insurance rate within minutes - for free! Just download the app, and follow the instructions. Once you’re registered, you will need to allow Gabi to scan your current online insurance account (Gabi is 100% safe and secure).

Gabi will do the rest. Gabi can compare your current rate with other insurance companies like Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide, Kemper, Safeco, and many more.

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2. Buy Apple Stock For Just $1.00

The price for one share of Apple stock is outrageous. Well, what if you could grab a share for just $1? Stash is an app that allows you to start investing with just $1. By purchasing fractional shares in any publicly-traded company like ExxonMobile, Tesla, Netflix, Ford, Apple, or Google, anyone can afford to build real wealth at a price they can afford.

You can build a diversified portfolio with very little money. The service has a $0 account minimum, so there is no reason not to join! For a limited time, Stash will give you $5 to invest when you make your first investment.

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3. Give Your Family The Security They Deserve

50% of US adults don’t have life insurance or a will. Now more than ever, we need to think about those “what-if” scenarios.

A term life policy from Ladder Life Insurance is easy and affordable. If your relatively healthy and between the ages of 21-60 you can qualify. There are usually NO medical exams. You can use their mobile app to change your policy and ensure your policy continues to be right for you. No agent - no red tape - and no extra fees!

Unless you plan on hitting the lottery, you should think about getting an affordable life insurance policy. Please don’t leave your family with a pile of bills that don’t have Ben Franklin’s picture on it.

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4. This App Could Help You Earn $1,200

You may not feel very useful as you scroll your way into the internet’s depths, but your data is actually worth A TON of money to corporate goons.

So, why not take a piece back? With Swagbucks, you can. They give out over 7,000 gift cards a day to customers for Amazon, Walmart, Target and more just for surfing the web and watching videos. Or, you can have cash sent straight to your PayPal account.

A Swagbucks user in Pennsylvania, 52-year-old Carolinda Hendrickson, earned $1,200 in a year. It’s easy to make an extra $5 in a one day, by watching a few videos. That translates to some serious extra cash in your pocket each month.

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5. Stop Paying Overdraft Fees

Checking accounts have an average yearly cost of $97.80 in fees, according to the federal government. That’s were Aspiration Bank comes in. Aspiration is an online-only bank offering most of your big bank’s services, without all the fees.

What Aspiration Offers?

What doesn’t it offer? First off, the Aspiration Summit Checking Account has NO monthly fees. There are zero minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fees when you use your Aspiration Bank Debit MasterCard. Your debit card also gets you 0.5% cashback on all purchases - making it a cash-back-card!

The Aspiration Bank Summit Account is an interest-bearing checking account that you can open with as little as $10. According to the bank’s website, the account earns an APY of 1%, which is up to 100 times better than the interest rate offered at big banks.

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6. Use This App To Make Money Watching Holiday Specials

InboxDollars is one of the world’s leading online rewards clubs, and works with top brand names like Walmart, Netflix, Target, and H&R Block. Earn up to $225 a month shopping, reading email offers, and even watching online TV right on your mobile device.

How it Works: Choose a video selection (topics include TV shows, movie previews, cooking videos, and more). InboxDollars lets you know how long each playlist runs from a few minutes to a half-hour. Select a playlist, watch, and earn cash. Signing up with InBoxDollars is fast and easy.

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7. Download This App For A Chance To Win Big Cash

If you’re feeling lucky or even not so lucky, download this app! Lucktastic is one of the most popular scratch-off sweepstakes apps ever. They have awarded over $3 million in cash prizes with over 220,000 winners.

Lucktastic isn’t the answer to all your problems, but it’s fun, free, and you can win real cash now. Lucktastic is available for only Android phone users.

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8 Make Your Paycheck Protection Plan With Breeze

The chances of being disabled in an accident are low. But COVID-19 is a different story. More and more people are suffering from long-term issues due to complications from the virus.

If you’re unable to provide for your loved ones, you need a back-up plan. Now, you can get one for under $10 a month. And, you can get it right now.

Breeze Insurance allows you to apply for insurance and start your plan with a click. It’s so easy that you can do it on your phone during your break. Breeze agents don’t work on commission, so you know you’re getting a great rate.

Hopefully, a rainy day never comes. But if it does, Breeze will make sure you have an income.

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9. Watch Holiday Specials On This App & Save Thousands

According to Consumer Reports, most American’s pay over $2,000 a year for cable TV. That’s just ridiculous! As we face a recession economy, you need to make sure you are not wasting money.

Many cable companies require a credit check. If you have less than perfect credit, the cable company may demand a “deposit.” AT&T TV is a month to month service. So, there’s no need for a credit check or deposit. There’s no equipment to rent either. That’s one of the reason’s why AT&T TV is popular and so cheap.

AT&T TV offers live local programming as well as CNN, AMC, ESPN, BET, E, TNT, ESPN, TBS, Fox News, and more.

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10. Download This App Before & Watch The Cash Pile Up

Dosh is a cashback app that maximizes your ability to get cashback rewards. You can earn up to 10% cashback from thousands of stores. Some examples of partnering retailers include Walmart, Sephora, Sam’s Club, Dunkin’ Donuts, Disney Plus, and Pizza Hut.

When you use Dosh, you’ll earn cashback when you shop, dine, or travel. Download the app, link your cards, and start earning. No coupons or receipt scanning. Just cash that adds up in your wallet. Think about it; if you download Dosh now, you could get back hundreds of dollars for holiday shopping.

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