These Insurance Apps Could Save You Over $1,000 This Year

Christina Rodgers
These Insurance Apps Could Save You Over $1,000 This Year
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The world is a very unpredictable place, especially right now. We take risks every day, sometimes without even knowing it. But, without proper financial protection, these risks can have a devastating impact.

Insurance products are confusing, and big insurance tend to bury their fees in those thousand-page policies. Finding the right auto or life insurance can be overwhelmig. But, there’s good news! We found a few companies that make shopping for insurance simple, easy, and cheap!

1. This App Can Help You Cancel Your Car Insurance & Save You $961 This Year

Nearly every state requires some form of auto insurance to drive on the road. Not only is this insurance legally required, but it also provides essential protection.

Finding affordable auto insurance you can easily understand can be extremely difficult.

That’s where Gabi comes in! Gabi is an auto insurance comparison website that allows people with all types of credit to compare several insurance companies to find a provider they can afford. Just show them your current policy, and they will search to find you the lowest rate. On average, Gabi users save $961/yr.

You will be able to compare rates from companies like Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide, Safe Co., ClearClover, Kemper, The General, and many more.

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2. This Maybe The Cheapest Disability Insurance In The US

Most health insurance policies provide basic coverage for regular health care needs. Unfortunately, when a severe illness, such as a heart attack, broken bone, or cancer, occurs, many people find that the out-of-pocket expense is astronomical.

In these situations, critical illness insurance can help cover the gaps that health insurance can leave. Most offer cash payments to cover the costs health insurance does not cover.

Some providers can offer insurance options at affordable prices to protect individuals from facing a financial crisis due to a serious illness, even with less than perfect credit.

Breeze Critical Illness Insurance offers bad credit insurance for those who are concerned with the potential gaps in health insurance. Breeze’s easy-to-use app offers anyone the ability to get a no hassle-free quote. Plans start for as little as $9.

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3. You Could Qualify For A $100,000 Term Life Insurance Policy For Just $8/Month

Life insurance may be the most confusing insurance product ever created. There are so many types, and the costs can be astronomical. Haven Life Insurance is simple, easy, and affordable.

Haven Life offers term life insurance policies for as long as [30 years and coverage for as much as $3 million.]( (Applicants age 60-64 can apply for $1 million in coverage) Haven Life also offers policies nationwide.

Unlike other websites or apps that are simply comparison engines, which then direct you to a “real” policy, you are actually purchasing your insurance policy through Haven Life’s website. The insurance is issued by Mass Mutual, a leading life insurance company that’s been in business for over 160+ years. Haven Life offers a quick and painless term life insurance purchasing experience.

A Haven’s life insurance application is entirely online and typically takes around 2 minutes to complete. You may also be able to avoid an annoying medical exam. You could have your policy today!

A 31 yr old single mom could qualify to get a $100,000; 10-year policy for just $7.97/month. Now that’s affordable.

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