In Two Minutes You Could Be $700 Richer

Christina Rodgers
In Two Minutes You Could Be $700 Richer
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If someone offered you $700 right now, would you take it? Of course, you would!

Savvy is a site that allows you to find the best auto insurance - at the cheapest rate, from almost EVERY insurance company for free. Here are three reasons why millions of people are using Savvy to save on auto insurance:

1. Almost 50% Of The People Who Try Savvy Save Over $700 A Year

$700 is a lot of money. Savvy saves you money because the focus is on what’s best for you, not the best commission structure for your agent.

A computer algorithm looks for the best-case scenario for you, removing a commission-based representative’s potential personal motives. Savvy’s system will find you a better deal 50% of the time. That is jaw-droppingly good. Knowing this now, why would you ever go back to using an insurance agent to pick the best policy for you?

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2. Get A Free Quote From Over 100 Insurance Companies In Less Than 120 Seconds

Savvy will find your savings by starting with your current policy. The website allows you to upload your policy information or connect your existing insurance account, and Savvy’s technology searches for a better price than what you’re currently paying.

Savvy will “shop” for a better auto insurance policy for you. Savvy will shop for multi-product insurance discounts for which you’re eligible by bundling your insurance packages like your home and auto insurance.

After scanning your personal information like driving records, current insurance rates, and current coverage levels, Savvy’s will see is companies like Progressive, Allstate, Geico, State Farm, SafeCo, Liberty Mutual, The General and about 100 more can provide you with better coverage.

3. Bad Credit, Tickets, or Lapsed Insurance Is Ok

Since Savvy’s technology searches so many auto insurance companies for a quote, it can even find solutions for drivers with past or current issues. Bad credit, insurance lapses, tickets, DUI etc.

Don’t worry, Savvy has seen it all!

There’s no reason not to try savvy, it’s 100% Free!

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