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Inflation is no joke. Over the past few years, the economy has been through the wringer, and there is no end in sight. Inflation is at a 30-year high, leaving many worried about their future. Americans struggle to budget for the rising cost of living.

The cost of living has risen so dramatically that it has become impossible to live on a fixed income for many Americans. What many don't realize is that they have options. New apps have been developed over the past few years to help protect savings and keep up with the rising cost of living while rewarding users.

The housing market increased by 18% last year, with prices at all-time highs and bidding wars offering up to 20% over the asking price. While a "price correction" is expected to hit the housing market sometime between 2022 and 2023, the skyrocketing interest rates will still be a huge obstacle for anyone with less than stellar credit. With the aftermath of the pandemic still affecting credit scores, Americans are forced to rent.


Renting is often a lose-lose situation, where you spend large amounts of money with no investment or gain for your future. The average renter pays between $1,000 and $4,000 per month on rent, which has also been increasing.

It can be a frustrating experience, especially when you're trying to save for a home of your own. You've been saving up for months, but the landlord keeps raising the rent. However, Pinata is here to help renters finally see the rewards you deserve. Piñata is the first rewards and credit building program for renters.

Piñata rewards renters for paying their rent on time, while building their credit. As your credit score improves, opportunities to purchase a home also increase. Pinata also knows that renters need more than just a roof over their heads. With their innovative rewards program, Pinata will also help you save money on everyday expenses.

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