If You Live In One Of These States You May Need New Auto Insurance - Today!
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The impacts of inflation continue to hurt Americans, but people are not seeing inflation equally across the country. According to a new study, several states are being hit harder than coastal states.

Economist Peter Morici says it is simple: "They're attracting new businesses, there's more robust economic activity, and people are moving in." As people relocate to states like Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and Florida, prices soar.

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For Americans living in states with rising inflation, you may see dramatic increases in auto insurance this year. Auto insurance costs are expected to increase between 6 and 10% over the next year due to policies covering the new inflated costs of replacement vehicles, rental prices, as well as parts and labor for repairs.

With these price increases, it is more important than ever to find the right insurance. But comparing auto insurance quotes is time-consuming, and the options can be overwhelming. Thankfully there is an app called Savvy, which takes the stress out of shopping for insurance carriers.

Savvy is a site that allows you to find the best auto insurance - at the cheapest rate, from almost EVERY insurance company for free. Savvy will “shop” for the best rate, and give you results in a matter of seconds. Savvy will shop for multi-product insurance discounts for which you’re eligible by bundling your insurance packages like your home and auto insurance.

50% of our readers save an average of $700 by using Savvy! That is jaw-droppingly good. Knowing this now, why would you continue to pay more for car insurance?

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