How Moms Are 'Tackling" This Major Election Issue
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Like most parents, you probably struggle with keeping your household finances in check. You want to save money, but it can be difficult with two jobs, a house payment, and additional expenses. With soaring prices continuing to plague the U.S. economy, moms everywhere are looking for ways to stretch their dollars.

Here are some of the top apps moms agree have saved their budgets.

Gas Prices Soar

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The higher the gas prices go, the more you have to spend on gas, busting your budget before even making it to the grocery store. With UpSide, you can get cash back at over 50,000 locations nationwide. When you stop at a gas station, grocery store, or coffee shop on your way to work, you can make some extra cash.

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With UpSide, you'll never have to worry about the high gas prices again.

Credit Card Debt Hits Families Hard


Credit card debt is at an all-time high. Finding the right personal loan for your needs can be a hassle. You want to find a loan that will be a good fit for you, but it can be hard to compare offers from different lenders. And most moms can't wait for the bank to bet on them.

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AmOne helps you explore all your options at once and find the best offers for you. They will even help you apply and send in your documents. Don't let credit card debit hold you back.

Auto Insurance Costs On the Rise


The auto industry is seeing all-time highs, affecting the new costs of auto insurance. With everything costing more, who can afford to overpay on auto insurance? But searching for a new provider is time-consuming.


Savvy Insurance compares hundreds of insurance companies for you in seconds, so you can be sure to find the best savings!

Sky High Car Prices

Non Owners Insurance -

With increased demand and interest rates climbing, auto loans are more difficult to get today than last year. With Consumers Credit Union, you can quickly get competitive auto loan rates online. Consumers Credit Union offers low fixed interest rates, flexible terms, and Mechanical Repair Coverage with 24-hour emergency service and up to a 0.25% rate reduction for members.

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Rising Rent Costs

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Renting can be expensive and stressful, especially with inflation hitting families hard. Moms know that paying the rent on time is essential, even when it's not always easy.


With PiƱata, you get rewards just for confirming your on-time rent payments. But it gets better. Pinata can also help you build your credit and directly supercharge your financial wellbeing.