How to Beat Inflation With Your Stomach
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One secret to wall street- even in economic hardship, investing in food and beverage makers may never be a wrong decision. As inflation hits Americans hard, many choose to restrict budgets, but everyone has to eat. As of now, food stocks continue to rise even as the broader market tanked.

Stock shares for Campbell, Kellogg, General Mills, and Smuckers saw significant gains on Monday and have been in the green all year despite the stock market troubles. Even knowing what a good investment is, many people are skeptical about investing in stock simply because it involves risk. However, millions of risk-averse Americans are getting a leg up in investing* with Stash.

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Stash is an innovative company allowing everyday people to take their money and invest in the stock market without risking all their money.

Stash utilizes fractional shares and automatic investments that take all the hassle out of investing. With fractional shares, you can start investing in all the primary food and beverage makers with as little as $5.00! You are just buying a “fraction” of the stock. So you don’t have to pay “full” market price in order to own a piece of General Mills.

Fractional shares allow you to buy stocks at the price you can afford and also lowers your risk. You don’t need big bucks to invest in the markets, you just need Stash!

Stash also offers professional investment advice to all their investors so you can feel confident about where you put your money. Whether you are a beginner or trying to save for your entire family, including setting up kids' accounts, Stash has a plan to meet your needs.

Simply set up your account, add the money you want to invest, or set up automatic investments. Stash will do the rest, diversifying your portfolio and helping you meet your investment goals.


With as little as $5, you can build your portfolio, gaining big with the food and beverage makers!

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