Why More Men Are Checking Their Phones Before They Head To The Pump
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Gas prices are at an all-time high and are continuing to rise. The American Automobile Association predicts that prices will continue to trend upwards. While prices fluctuate daily, there is no argument that gas prices are higher than ever before and will only continue to increase.

As American men struggle between filling up at the pump, some are even looking for alternative transportation options. However, many resourceful men have found an excellent solution for the gas price woes on their phones.

Millions of men everywhere are using Upside to get cashback in their bank accounts after buying gas.


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Upside is a free app that gives you $0.25 per gallon every time you fill-up. But, you can’t just go to any gas station. By using the app, hard working American men are finding the locations that pay them back, in cash, for buying their gas.

How does it work?

Simply download the app, and check out the thousands of locations offering cashback deals. After you pay using a credit or debit card and submit your receipt, Upside sends you money straight back to your account.

Where can you fill up?

Upside has over 50,000 locations that allow you to earn money back for your everyday purchase such as gas, groceries, and even eating out. Enjoy getting money back from popular companies like BP, Shell, Exxon, Conoco, Circle K, and more!

The Upside to Upside

When we start to define father, husband, or son, what we are quick to overlook is the role of provider. The massive onslaught of inflation has taken a big bite out of many US households. Now is the time many American men can recapture that role.

By saving hundreds of dollars a year at the pump, men are taking back their manhood and feeling better about being a reliable provider.

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